Daily Migrations - curated by 'without appeal', 01-07 Oct 2018

October 07, 2018

For their presentation of the Arts Territory Exchange archive @artsterritoryexchange, the collective installed and photographed work throughout an industrial space underneath one of the iconic train arches in Hackney, East London. Images from the ATE Views project and documentation from particpant exchanges are juxtaposed with materials and machinery sourced from throughout the world and used in the production of coffee. As a site of transition, stock is constantly flowing in and out of the factory,  present only briefly before being sent out again. At this transitional moment for many, a reflection on how fleeting these interactions can be feels fitting.

Featured Artists

Alana Hunt, Joas Sebastian Nebe, Lizzie Sampson, Abigail Doan, Jacqueline Byrne, Arminee Chahbazian, Didi Hock, Andrew Howe, Caroline Kelley, Ana Seixas, Danila Rumold, Katie Ione Craney, Joanna M Wright, Kim Goldsmith, Carly Butler, Antony Lyons, Zoe Galinsoga, Robert Nicol, Gudrun Filipska, Beatrice Lopez, Kelly Leonard


Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan & Derelict, 10-26 May 2018

group show with A.I. Gallery

Different stages of remains/structures floating on the surface of the water

lost at sea.

There is a certain vulnerability in being adrift, uncertain of borders or location. Searching for familiar images or visual confirmation of our physical presence, 'somewhere' often blurs into 'elsewhere.'

The insignificance of distance outside observation.

Gaze places afar.

Featured artists

without appeal, Weixin Chong, Haffendi Anuar